Operational Excellence Consulting

Helping you design success!

Our Experience

DRM was founded by a group of individuals whose diverse training includes premier universities such as Stanford, Caltech and MIT. Their backgrounds include Domestic and International Operations, Research, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Science, Automotive, Product Develop and Design, Healthcare and the Medical Profession.

Why Us?

We deliver profits because our Bottom-Up approach leverages your organization. We focus on increasing the robustness of your entire enterprise by strengthening the overall connectivity of "how you do things." 

QPC - Quality, Productivity, Cost. At the end of the day, you need to be profitable in order to sustain your business. Our approach delivers beyond profits because our solutions get to the true root cause of the problem. Our solutions, focus on the most efficient process solutions. In conclusion, we deliver profits while improving your quality and productivity. We are a Continuous Improvement Consulting Company.   

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